1. Confession From The Wife


    My first 3 some was not with my husband

    We took a cruise to Alaska for our 5th wedding anniversary it was 11 day cruise and on the fourth day , my husband got a emergency call and had to fly back to take care of a super important business, 
    ( He practices international law , and had to go back ) 
    I stayed to finish the cruise , 
    We had made friends with a married couple on the cruise , over the next couple of days , we got drunk a few times and talked about our sex lives , they confessed that they always wanted to have a 3 some 
    but never had the guts or opportunity to try 
    One thing lead to another , and I spent the night in their cabin 
    We had a great time, Not knowing what and how to start , we played ***** poker , and once naked the winner would dare the two looser to do something , It was loads of fun , 
    But I think it was mostly because nobody had expectations it was not planned, Over the next few days , we had role played fantasies that we all had, Mine was to be their slave , ( they loved that one ) 
    The wife surprised both myself and her husband when she told him to dress up in Woman’s clothes and go out dancing in the night club , 
    I must say that was the most erotic fantasy time in my life , 
    By the way 
    My husband never found out


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